Flomat FIBC Big Bag Filling Machines

Model A - A30 - Carousel Filling Machine

Our Flomat Filing Machines are designed for efficient filling of bulk bags, drums and octobins. The products can handle a wide variety of materials and bag designs. Dust emission can be prevented during the filling process, as the products can be ordered as a sealed system.

Our Flomat Filling Machines can be ordered as three different Models:

Model A:
The Model A is the simplest of the filling range and consists of a static frame from which the bag is hung. The frame may be manually adjustable in height and the top section supports the filling head. There is no vibrator option so the Model A is only suitable for easily deaeratable materials. The whole structure is often placed on a weigh table. The Model A is very robust and cost effective and can fill 8-10 bags per hour.

The A30 filling machine is a lightweight filling machine where the FIBC is supported at all times on the pallet. The bag support arms support only the empty bag and provide stability during the filling process. The column allows the adjustment for bag size, and there is the option to separately adjust the fill head position. Vibration is applied to the pallet supporting the filled bag to provide densification. The A30 filling machine can fill a variety of bag sizes and has a very hygienic filling process. Up to 15 bags can be filled per hour by the A30.

Carousel Filling Machine:
The carousel is a specialised filling system for high speed bag filling where the central column rotates a bag between 4 or 5 stations. Each station provides a separate bag handling operation (e.g, bag placement, filling, consolidating, offloading). The system is designed to be highly automated with a very high accuracy. The Carousel machine can fill up to 60 bags per hours.

For Enquiries please contact: FloMatEnquiries@schenckprocess.com

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