Convey heavy-duty (CHD) airlock

    Ideal for high conveying rates at low pressures

    The CHD is often used in the ethanol, grain and pet food industries where high convey rates at low pressures are required.

    Convey Heavy Duty (CHD) airlocks are available in either carbon steel or 304 stainless steel and come standard with machined fabricated housings and cast endplates, outboard extended inner race bearings and spring loaded lip seals. The CHD30×28 model comes with a 10-vane rotor while the CHD36×32 and CHD36×44 models are equipped with 12-vane rotors. All three models come standard with straight blade, closed end style, 1/8” land, fixed relieved tips. The CHD airlocks are designed and rated for a maximum differential operating pressure of 10 psig and a maximum operating temperature of 200° F.


    • Capacities up to 20 cu. ft. / revolution
    • Available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel construction
    • 30×28 endplates are fabricated, 36×32 and 36×44 are cast
    • Maximum differential operating pressure of 10 psig

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