Butterfly scale diverter (BSD) valve

Designed for diverting material into a scale hopper

Butterfly Scale Diverter (BSD) Valves are specialized switching devices used in a pneumatic conveying line. Typically, they are utilized for diverting material from a pneumatic conveying line into a scale hopper. White neoprene food grade flange gaskets and construction in either aluminum or stainless steel make the BSD a perfect fit in sanitary related processes.

  • 10 gauge 304 stainless steel or .125” aluminum
  • Cast iron butterfly valve body with 316 stainless steel disc and Buna N seat
  • White neoprene food grade flange gaskets
  • No paint aluminum or stainless steel full welded exterior
  • Line sizes up to 6”
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Butterfly Scale Diverter (BSD) Valve