2-way and 3-way Y valve

    Gravity flow system valve

    The Schenck Process 2-Way and 3-Way ‘Y’ Valves are available in manual or air-operated platforms and are used in gravity flow systems. Both the manual and air-operated diverters come equipped with square, flanged inlet and outlet ports.

    The 2-Way ‘Y’ Valve is designed to divert product flow in gravity systems from one source into two destinations. The valve has one straight through leg and a second leg to divert product flow at 30°.

    The 3-Way ‘Y’ Valve diverts product flow from one source into one of three destinations. It is designed with one straight through leg and two 30° off-vertical-centerline legs to divert product flow.

    • Fully welded exterior
    • Fabricated 10 gauge carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum
    • Flanged inlets and outlets

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