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I Bins, Hoppers & Silos

Storage Equipment

Scale Hopper
Work Bin

Level Indicators

Capacitance Level Sensors
Rotary Level Indicators
Turning Fork Level Sensors
Acoustic Flow Monitor
Microwave Level Detector

Wear Liners

Vacuum Bonded Ceramic Wear Liners

II Bulk Bag and FIBC Handling

Bag Dump Stations

Bag Dump Station
Hygienic Bag Dump (HBD) Station

III Dust Collection and Air Filtration

Filters & Accessories

Air Vent Round (AVR/AVRC) Filter
Air Vent Square (AVS/AVSC) Filter
Air Vent (AV) Filter
Cleanable Side Entry Recevier
Cyclone Collectors
Hygienic Conical Top (HCT) Cyclone
Horizontal Material Separator (HMS)
Hygienic Round Top Removal (HRT) 3-A Filter
Hygienic Side Entry Receiver (HSER)
Mac2Flo Dust Collector
Round Top Removal (RT/RTC) Filter
RTC 1/3 Filter
Side Entry (SEntry) Pulse Jet Filter
SpaceSaver Dust Collector
Square Top Removal (ST/STC) Filter
Additional Product Offerings - Filtration
Filter Application Form
Bags and Cages
DYNA-MAC Felt Filter Media
Polipleet Pleated Cartridge Filter Media
MEGABond Filter Media
Filter Accessories
Integral Broken Bag Detector

IV Feeding

Belt Feeders

Stock® ACCUFLEX™ Belt
Stock® EcoFlex Feeder Belt

Screw Feeders

AccuRate Volumetric Series Feeder
Series Feeder Application Form

Feeding Accessories

Helixes & Nozzles
Weighing and Feeding Accessories
Additional Product Offerings - Weighing and Feeding

V Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Conveying Line Components

Blowers & Accessories

510 Blower Package
520 Blower Package
540 Blower Package
560 Blower Package
580 Blower Package
Blower Package Accessories

Conveying Line Components

Conveying Line Components

VI Pulverizers & Mills

Raymond® OEM Replacement Parts

VII Rotary Airlocks and Valves

Airlocks & Accessories

Convey Heavy Duty (CHD) Airlock
CMD Airlock
CV Airlock
Fabricated Round (FR) Airlock
Fabricated Square (FS) Airlock
Global Cleanable Airlock (GCA)
Heavy Duty (HD) Airlock
High Efficiency (HE) Airlock
High Pressure (HP) Airlock
Inboard Bearing Rotary Valve
Multi Duty (MD) Airlock
MTA Airlock
Outboard Bearing Rotary Valve (OBRV)
Round Airlock Multi-Duty (RAM)
Tapered Rotary Airlock (TRA)
Side Entry Airlock (SEA)
WG Airlock
Airlock Accessories
Wear Resistant Airlock Packages
Rotary Airlock Application Form
Airlock and Valve Rebuild Program

Valves & Diverters

2-Way "A" Valve
2-Way and 3-Way "Y" Valves
Air Diverter
Blade Line Diverter
Butterfly Scale Diverter (BSD) Valve
Parallel Tunnel (PT45) Diverter Valve
Plug or Blade (PV/BV) Diverter Valve
Plug Style (PST30) Diverter Valve
Scale Valve (SD) Diverters
Valve & Diverter Application Form
ProDV (Spheri Valve)
ProDV (Spheri Valve) Application Form
Butterfly Valve and Knife Gate Valve
Maintenance Gate
Orifice Gate Valve
Roller Gate Valve
Seal Tite Diverter
Wye Line Diverter Valve
YV Diverter Valve
Gate Valve Application Form
Stock® Air Coal Valve
Stock® Bulk Material Valve
Stock® Knife Gate Valve

VIII Sensors and Accessories

Load Cells

RTN Ring Torsion Load Cells

IX Thermal Processing Equipment

Bartlett-Snow™ OEM Replacement Parts

X Voltage Control Devices

AVC XM Automatic Voltage Controller
ERC 1001 Electronic Rapper Control
Transformer / Rectifier Sets

XI Weighing and Feeding Electronics


INTECONT Tersus for Feeding Systems
INTECONT Tersus For Measuring Systems
DISOCONT Tersus Measurement, Control and Supervisory System
DISOMAT® Opus Weight Indicators
DISOCONT® Tersus (DT-9) Legacy Stock® Feeder Controller Upgrade
DISOCONT® Tersus (DT-9) Stock® Feeder Controller
CONiQ® Control 4.3 Compact
CONiQ® Control - Application for static scales