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    I Mechanics

    Belt Weighers

    MULTIBELT® Single-Idler Belt Weighers
    MULTIBELT® Multi-Idler Belt Weighers
    Speed Sensor FGA 20RSLE
    Speed Sensor FGA 30R2
    Correction system for Scales with variable Weigher Inclination
    Recommendations for the Installation Planning of Belt Weighers

    Solids Flow Meters

    MULTISTREAM® B Solids Flow Meter
    MULTISTREAM® G Solids Flow Meter

    Volumetric Feeder

    Volumetric Feeders AccuRate Series
    ProFlex® C500 / C3000 / C6000 Volumetric Feeder

    Platform Scales

    Platform Scales DVC/DVM
    DPW Pallet Scales

    Load Cells

    Ring-Torsion Load Cells RTB
    Compact Ring-Torsion Load Cells RTN
    Load Cells VBB and Load Cell Mounts VEB
    VDW Self-Centering Pressure Load Cell

    Load Cells Mounts

    SENSiQ® Elastomer Mount (SEM)
    SENSiQ® Secure Mount (SSM)
    SENSiQ® Secure Mount PLUS (SSM PLUS)
    SENSiQ® Pendulum Mount (SPM)
    Load Cells VBB and Load Cell Mounts VEB
    SENSiQ® Fixed Mount (SFM)
    SENSiQ® Fixed Mount PLUS (SFM PLUS)
    Accessories for SENSiQ® Mounts
    Engineering and design rules for hopper scales with SENSiQ®

    Weighing Sensors

    Weighbeam DWB 11.5t - 25t
    SENSiQ® Weighbeam WB 40t - 600t
    Measuring Eye, DMA Type

    II Electronics

    INTECONT® Satus, Indicator for Beltscales
    INTECONT® Tersus - Mass flow rate measurement
    DISOCONT® Tersus Measurement, Control and Supervisory System
    Weighing Indicator DISOMAT Parvus
    DISOMAT® Satus Weighing Transmitter
    Disomat® Opus Weight Indicators
    DISOMAT® Opus - ZEUS Weighbridge
    DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Unit Load Handling Scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Crane scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Filling Scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Discharge Scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - ZEUS Road Weighbridge
    DISOMAT® Tersus – JASON Road Weighbridge
    DISOMAT® Tersus - HERMES Dynamic Axle Load Scales
    A/D Converter DISOBOX® Plus
    Display and Operator Panels VOP 280xx/VFG 28000, Keyboard VTT 28000
    Display and Operating Panels VOP 28090/VFG 28090 ATEX 2GD Keyboard VTT 28090 ATEX 2GD

    III Software

    DISOVIEW E - The Legal-for-trade Scale Window for Windows PCs
    DISOSAVE Legal-For-Trade Memory
    Modbus OPC Server VPC 28004
    Communication Modules for PCS 7, TIA and STEP 7 to SIEMENS Controllers

    IV Accessories

    The wireless way to your scale – Bluetooth radio modules
    VFM 28000 Radio Module
    Secondary- and Large-size Display Units
    DISOPRINT VPR 20150 Flat Bed Printer
    Scale Simulators, Types DISOTEST 11 and VWZ 20410
    Terminal Boxes Types VAK and VKK for Sensors
    Measuring, Data and Control Cables