Excipient Processing

Milling, screening and bulk solids handling

Excipients are functional additives aiding the manufacturing process by providing a variety of drug delivery enhancements. Designing, optimizing, and utilizing these additives efficiently and effectively is an important task.

Milling, screening, and sifting are essential processing steps to produce excipients with the desired performance features. These processes control particle size, morphology, and increase yield while effecting flowability, homogeneity, Bulk Density, dissolution as well as production rates.

For milling, screening and material handling of synthetic and plant-based excipients used to manufacture pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, Schenck Process has the experience and equipment solutions to meet your material specifications.

Below is an excerpt of excipients Schenck Process has milled, screened, fed or conveyed:

Fillers/Diluent: Calcium phosphate, lactose, lactose monohydrate
Binders: Acacia (gum Arabic), starch, povidone, hydroxypropyl cellulose, methylcellulose
Disintegrant: Starch, povidone, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, sodium bicarbonate
Lubricant: Magnesium stearate, calcium stearate
Glidant/Anti-caking: Starch, Talc (magnesium silicate), aluminum stearate, microcrystalline cellulose
Release modifier: Ethylcellulose, guar gum
Wetting or Solubizing: Urea, polysorbate
pH Modifier: Citric acid anhydrous, citric acid monohydrate
Sweetening: Aspartame, mannitol, sorbital, sucrose, saccharin

The range of technologies available from Schenck Process includes the following:

Kek Cone Mills are versatile size reduction mills for powder processing and are suitable for both wet and dry granulation. The Kek Cone Mill provides a gentle, low energy form of size reduction. The mill is designed to be easily adjusted, cleaned, and quickly refitted with alternate cones or rotor. Size reduction will provide a tighter particle size distribution, effect flowability, and increase surface area.

Kek Universal Mills are high-performance fine grinding mills producing powders to a particle size range (D50) of 100μ to 20μ. Versatility includes interchangeable pin disk and turbine/screen grinding media, closed-loop milling for minimal moisture absorption, and temperature controlled processing.

PPS Mills are air classifier mills for high energy grinding with an integral classifier to produce ultra-fine powders to a particle size range (D50) of 10μ to 5μ. Mills can be tuned to control grinding temperature and particle size distribution.

Kek Kibblers are heavy-duty lump breakers with built-in classification screen to ensure consistent particle size range. Size reduction is achieved through a combination of impact, crushing, cutting, and abrasion. Kek Kibblers are used in gravity and inline processing.

Kek Centrifugal Sifters are superior at deagglomeration, policing, and scalping powders. Breaking up soft lumps/agglomerates and removing oversize particles conditions the product and increases uniformity. Kek Sifter are used in gravity and inline processing.

GKM Flat Deck Screeners and Tumblers provide controlled screening, multi-deck classification and de-dusting of dry, powdered and granular products. This equipment is particularly suitable for high feed rates and difficult to screen lightweight products.

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