Dedusting and Air Filtration

    Schenck Process de-dusting and air filtration products deliver both high performance and energy efficiency for demanding air filtration applications. Our industry expert applications and service teams can work with you from project start through commissioning to classify what particle is to be collected, recommend the optimal solution, and provide startup support services. Solutions for new or critical applications are commonly vetted at our Filtration TestCenter featuring a Particulate Emission Test (PET) Machine unequaled in the industry to offer comprehensive design information and support our written certification of particulate emissions. Each filtration solution is backed by expert aftermarket care from our vast inventory of parts, media and components to customized service solutions.

    • Fuel Yard and Boiler House Coal Dust – Including lignite and PRB
    • Limestone Handling
    • Fly-ash Handling and Flue Gas Filtration
    • Dry Sorbent Storage and Conveying
    • Activated Carbon Storage and Conveying
    • Explosion Protection
    • Bin Vent Filters
    • Pneumatic System Receivers
    • Mechanical Conveyor & Transfer Point De-dusting
    • Rotary Air Locks
    • Surge Hoppers

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