Conveyors - Pneumatic Conveying and Mechanical

A conveyor is one of the most common types of material handling systems and is designed to safely move material from one location, to a single destination or to multiple.

Conveyor systems are used across many bulk material handling industries, including Mining, Food, Pet Food, Chemicals, Plastics, Metals and Cement.

Conveyors from Schenck Process include Clyde Process pneumatic conveying systems, E-finity dense phase systems and mechanical conveyors, showcased by our Redler range.

A pneumatic conveying system will move material using pressure and gas within an enclosed pipeline. There are three phases of pneumatic conveying – Dense Phase, Lean Phase and Medium Phase. Each phase impacts how the material travels. Mechanical is the more traditional form for conveying as it will move the material utilizing chains or belts.

Choosing the most suitable conveyor system will be determined by the material being conveyed and how it reacts to the process. At Schenck Process, we specialize in material handling and can help make this process simple. We hold over 40,000+ historical tests, with centers globally, that can re-test your material and design an engineered system, specific to your project.

Pneumatic Conveyors
As part of our pneumatic conveying range, is the E-finity Dense Phase system. In comparison to Lean Phase Conveying, Dense Phase uses higher levels of pressure, but lower volumes of air, across a much longer pipeline. Consequently, the material is pushed through the pipe in a slug/plug-like manner. This results in the material being conveyed at much lower velocities than lean phase conveying.

Why install a Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyor:

  • Efficient and effective handling of abrasive and fragile materials
  • Low operating costs, through its low air consumption
  • Minimal wear for long life performance
  • Minimal degradation of material
  • Minimum maintenance – fit and forget mentality
  • No wasted material
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Benefits of En-Masse Mechanical Conveying include:

  • Conveys over long distances
  • Provides high capacity conveying rates
  • Capable for handling difficult and abrasive materials
  • Low operating costs, through minimal energy consumption
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