Bulk Material Handling for Paint and Coatings Production

Serving the Paint and Coatings Industries

Schenck Process has a successful portfolio of serving and supporting paint and powder coatings manufacturers. We provide expertise in feeding, pneumatic conveying, sifting, milling, bulk bag unloading and dust collection for some of the most well known brands in the paint and coatings industries. Our systems handle raw materials such as resins, pigments, liquids and other additives, as well as finished products such as powder coatings and other dry solids.

Pneumatic conveying technologies
Pneumatic conveying has fewer moving parts and greater flexibility for plants with changing needs. Enclosed pipelines protect the material from contamination and virtually eliminate degradation of the product into smaller particles that can present a dust hazard. Pneumatic conveying also integrates filtration while delivering materials to their destination.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems operate on the principle that the solids will be suspended in the conveying line air stream. This is accomplished by metering product into a moving air stream. Benefits of dilute phase pneumatic conveying:

  • Totally enclosed system
  • Smaller footprint
  • Significantly minimized degradation
  • Few moving parts
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems operate at smaller air volumes and higher air pressures. Materials are pulsed through the convey lines and are ideal systems for handling easily damaged or porous products. Benefits of dense phase pneumatic conveying:

  • Improves sanitary conditions and housekeeping
  • Minimal product breakage
  • Allows for greater system flexibility
  • Reduces plant footprint
  • Low horsepower requirement

Dust collection
It is important that paint and coatings manufacturers employ dust collection systems that are uniquely designed according to plant specifications and also have the benefits of:

  • Limiting emissions
  • Being specifically designed for ease of maintenance
  • Accounting for critical moisture concerns in the environment
  • Including cleanout or inspection opening in ductwork

The MechaTron® feeder features the unique ability to disassemble, clean, reconfigure or service from the non-process side. Offered in three model sizes with either a Coni-Flex™ flexible hopper or in all stainless steel, the MechaTron®’s versatility makes it ideal for paint and coating processing applications.

  • Feed rates from 0.057 to 32,160 liters per hour
  • Conical mass flow hopper design
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and servicing

Material sifting
The KEK Centrifugal Sifters are ideal for sifting and processing powders and granules in gravity and inline installations for applications.

  • High capacity and high-efficiency sifting
  • Gravity and inline pneumatic conveying designs
  • Screens can be quickly changed in as little as 30 seconds
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance

Classifier mills
The PPS Air Classifier Mill incorporates an internal air-classifying wheel with an independent drive giving precise control over “particle cut point” selection.

  • Robust design with a long history in the industry
  • Integral classifier for a finer powder
  • Tight particle size distribution
  • Large range from 5 hp to 400 hp
  • Easy clean ‘clamshell’ body option

Liquid Handling
We offer complete system layout and design for the transfer, storage, scaling or metering of liquids.

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