LOGiQ® - Loading Automation in the Cement Industry

LOGiQ®, the loading automation solution from Schenck Process, is the perfect logistics solution for mapping delivery processes for bulk materials, goods on pallets and in bags for outgoing goods. The system is also able to record incoming raw materials (e.g. limestone, sand, alternative fuels / fluff) and inform the production processes.

Forwarding agents and customers collecting their own orders are also automatically guided through the process by LOGiQ® as are contracted shipping companies which the cement factory uses to deliver its goods.

Perfectly matched hardware and software components ensure maximum process monitoring and minimum risk of mistakes at all times – from the initial weighing and fully automatic loading to production of delivery slips.

It’s all good news
  • Automated processes from ordering to shipment
  • Control of flows of goods to and from the production processes
  • Automation of the exchange of data between process and commercial systems
  • Complete documentation of all processes
  • Accurately defined loading and unloading, even without operators.

LOGiQ® also offers scope for easily integrating existing components. Any future extensions included.

Have our specialists cook up an ‘à la carte’ solution for you that is more than the sum of all its components. Your LOGiQ® logistics solution for more efficiency, more quality combined with full utilisation of all potential for savings. Today and in the future.

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LOGiQ®: Save time and money by automating logistics
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