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Assembly-line pizzas with cheese that always tastes different

What does the industrial production of cheese have in common with pizzas? The answer is that both products pose particular feeding requirements. And in both cases the solution is clear: Schenck Process AccuRate® series feeders.

To achieve the individual taste of different types of cheese, flavours or spices are directly added in the screw tube of the dry cheese feeder and mixed in the feeder screw. An additional mixer or feeder is unnecessary.

The industrial production of pizzas is also economical and space-saving. Variably set up feeders transport the dough to the conveyor belt, where both the dough and the belt surface are uniformly dusted with flour in a single process to prevent sticking, just like at a traditional pizza maker’s.

Feeder ingredients suitable for food contact

The AccuRate® series types 312, 612 and 912 are suitable for food contact, each of which provides a wide range of application-specific and upgradeable components.

This produces a range of advantages, including optimal integration in the process; safe and clean bulk material handling; easy cleaning; and low cost factor and space requirements.

Conveyor-belt pizzas with the help of the feeding specialists for volumetric feeders.

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