Feeding of Powdered Materials and Meal

Modular Solutions, Flexible Applications

Extremely precise and trouble-free
Harmonised task sharing is the perfect solution for dust and meal feeding. This takes place according to the pattern of process steps 3(kiln feeding) and 4(cement milling) in cement production.

Perfectly matched through modules
Our effective and precise working solutions consist of three modules: the mass flow silo (module 3), various optimised feeding hoppers for the controlled extraction of material from the silo (module 2), and MULTICOR® S or MULTISTREAM G (module 1), which are designed to measure the material flow.

Schenck also provides silo engineering services to ensure that the extraction technology works properly.

Depending on the bulk material properties, Module 2 includes:
A position-controlled flow gate for materials with free-flowing properties and applications up to approximately 800 m3/h.
Speed-controlled star feeders for materials with free-flowing properties and applications up to around 120 m3/h.
Speed-controlled feeding screws with an integrated agitator for materials with free to moderate flowing properties, and applications up to approximately 120 m3/h.

Advantages of the modular solutions: The highest accuracy is guaranteed thanks to concepts customised for the specific material being used. These can be extended by cutting-edge, process-adaptive measuring and control technology.

System solution = planning, delivery, installation and service from a single source.