Compact System for Alternative Fuels

    Getting the job done with a low level of investment

    Saving energy costs is a top priority. The solution is to use alternative fuels for kilns/boilers such as classic and alternative fuels (e.g. shredded plastic and production wastes, old tires and grinding dusts, meat and bone meal and processed domestic waste).

    The problem with this is that these very different materials pose extremely difficult challenges regarding the design of the feeding and conveying systems.

    A solution that saves costs and personnel

    Schenck Process’s system is extremely economical, uses variable concepts. It does not require either structural changes or reserve silos.

    Alternative fuels are either discharged directly from tractor trailers with “walking floors”, or are delivered in tipping containers. The material is added to the MULTIDOS® weighfeeder via the extraction screws and chain conveyor. An appropriate amount of fuel is then fed into the Blow-Through-Rotary-Valve IDMS 100, and then conveyed directly to the burner.

    This process can be controlled from the control station without the need for additional personnel. Truck drivers from the logistics partner deliver the fuels and change the tractor trailers.

    DISOCONT® and PLC technology represent our measuring and control technology for continuous automatic operation.

    Pneumatic conveying systems can also be used for pelletised biomass material to create a dust free and safe working environment. Conveying distances of up to 280 metres can be achieved at throughput rates of up to 400 tonnes per hour.

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