Bulk Material Handling Solutions for Chemical Processes

From petrochemicals to paint, our Schenck Process engineers have designed and built effective pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection systems for the chemical industry. Our in-depth application knowledge enables us to design the perfect system for your particular chemical process.

To address challenges faced by chemical handling manufacturers, we engineer customised technological solutions, while also ensuring quality standards are met and process efficiencies are provided. Be it pneumatic transfer systems, gravimetric feeding, high-precision weighfeeding or dust filtration – we have the right solution for your requirements.

Listed below are just some of the systems we have designed for chemical processors throughout the world.

  • Truck or Railcar loading, unloading & bulk storage systems
  • In-plant transfer systems for major, minor and micro ingredients
  • Process controls systems upgrades
  • Ingredient transfer for production of detergents
  • Glass soot handling and pre-coat systems
  • Vermiculite storage and transfer systems
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Liquid and dry ingredient scaling and transfer systems for vinyl sheeting process
  • Scaling systems for mixers
  • Carbon black convey systems for tire plants
  • Pigments receiving, milling, transfer storage and scaling systems
  • Closed loop N2 systems
  • Material receiving, storage and transfer for battery plants
  • Feeding proppants into screeners for size classification
  • Feeding raw ingredients into rubber manufacturing for tires
  • Feeding pigments for paint manufacture