Wear Resistant Airlock Packages

Extend Airlock Life

Let Schenck Process increase the life of your airlock and your profit with wear resistant packages.

Wear is difficult to control, as there are many types and different ways to combat it. At Schenck Process, we examine and study wear patterns to find a solution that will extend the life of your airlock.

Wear of a few thousandths of an inch on a rotor or housing can cause conveying air leakage. This results in a less efficient conveying system and decreased production levels, leading to higher energy costs.

Schenck Process welcomes the opportunity to inspect your worn airlock for assessing wear patterns and to recommend an ideal wear resistant option. We document the wear history of your airlock and use that information to evaluate life cycles, recommend Preventative Maintenance Programs and improve your process.

  • Wear resistance coatings can be applied to airlock bore, end plates, rotor tips, blades, shaft, inlet and outlet
  • Coatings are dipped, sprayed (HVOF) or tiled
  • All coatings are machined finished for tight tolerance
  • Extend airlock life
  • Increase operation run time
  • Reduce maintenance time
  • Keep system running like new
  • Increase profitability
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Wear Resistant Airlock Packages