CONiQ® Monitor protects one of your most valuable asset

Because downtime has become more expensive than ever, CONiQ® Monitor detects machine faults before they become a failure.

Inspection and maintenance account for up to a third of indirect costs in production plants. Condition monitoring systems enable companies to realign their maintenance strategies around fault detection, prevention and saving costs.

CONiQ® Monitor from Schenck Process offers distinct advantages as a CM system specially designed for vibrating machines, with a unique six-dimensional vibration measurement.
With CONiQ® Monitor, Schenck Process consolidates its position as a provider of intelligent Industry 4.0 applications. Vibrating equipment is critical to continuous production in the mineral extraction industries – downtime means lost revenue. The heavy load demands on vibrating machines mean that sooner or later bearings, exciters, springs, shafts and other components will require maintenance or replacement. Effective condition monitoring makes it possible to detect potential future faults and failures before they happen and allows you to undertake maintenance interventions at precisely the right moment, maximizing the service life of your equipment.

Developed by Schenck Process, the global experts in vibrating equipment, CONiQ® Monitor is the condition monitoring solution that is specifically designed for vibrating machines and is based on the latest sensor technology and analytical software.

This makes CONiQ® Monitor particularly suitable for mining plants in remote locations, where expert maintenance support may not always be immediately available.

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