Compact and economical for logistics applications

    The cost-effective solution for legal-for-trade applications: DISOMAT® Opus
    The basic solution that pays off in legal-for-trade applications. It registers weight values, displays them, prints them out, and forwards them to a higher-level system if desired. The DISOMAT® Opus offers two housing options, which include a tabletop device and a wall-mounted device both in stainless steel design. Problem-free interaction is achieved due to optimal hardware and software technology.
    The DISOMAT® Opus is ideal for platform scales, container scales or single-component dosing. The selection of different interfaces enables a wide range of simple process applications.

    Convenient (operation from a PC):
    The DISOMAT® Opus configuration software permits parameterization and adjustment of the device from a PC over serial interface and customer network.

    The calibration memory (optional) integrated into the device frees the user from the need to create and file legal-for-trade references on paper.

    The parameters of the scale, including the adjustment data, are stored in the connector plug of the load cell cable (device dongle). If, in the worst case, it becomes necessary to exchange every component of the device, this dongle makes it possible.

    A broad spectrum of serial interfaces and fieldbuses makes it easy to integrate the DISOMAT® Opus into your process control system. Apart from this efficient communication with automating systems you can continue to use conventional interfaces for communication.

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