AccuRate® series feeder

Volumetric feeding systems

Compact and cost-effective

The AccuRate® series volumetric feeding systems are available for every feeding application. Their most outstanding properties are their economy and flexibility, as well as their ease of integration into existing production lines.

Benefit from our extensive experience with bulk solids
With over 30,000 units already sold, Schenck Process’ volumetric feeders are a proven and cost-effective solution for all bulk solid feeding needs. The number of units sold is a tribute to the product’s remarkable output figures.
With feed rates ranging from approximately 0.000017 to 280ft3/h (0.1/h to 8,000I/h), the feeding system can be used for continuous feeding, charging and batching. It can process bulk solids with a particle size of up to 10 mm.

Further advantages
The AccuRate® Series volumetric feeders come equipped with easy to remove outside panels, stainless steel construction, lifetime lubricated bearings, double shaft seals to prevent powder leakage, gasketed covers and vinyl hoppers that are agitated on the exterior for gentle product discharge. A large inlet prevents bridging and the rounded corners on the vinyl hopper help provide uninterrupted flow.

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Data sheets
Volumetric Feeders AccuRate Series
AccuRate® Series Feeder AC Control (CE approved) (U.S. Version)
AccuRate® Volumetric Series Feeders
PWM Drive Feeder Control (U.S. Version)
SCR1 Drive Feeder Control (CE approved) (U.S. Version)
SCR1 Drive Feeder Control (U.S. Version)
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