Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying System

    For instantaneous moisture removal

    The Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying System is designed for drying agglomerated materials that do not require size reduction. The cage mill is a low energy consumption device that increases drying performance resulting in improved product quality.

    Raymond® Cage Mill
    The cage mill design consists of an agitator type rotor enclosed in a welded steel housing with carbon steel liners and a tangential outlet. A rotor and blade assembly with sets of variable length carbon steel bars are arranged and welded concentrically on a steel spider.

    The cage mill housing is provided with bolted, machined, gas and dust tight flanged joints. The v-belt driven mill is supplied with heavy-duty roller bearings that allow for a trouble free, smooth operation under the high temperature conditions the mill experiences.

    Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying System
    The cage mill flash drying system design consists principally of a feed conveyor, cage mill, air heater, dust collector and system fan, along with the connective ductwork to incorporate these components into a complete system.

    Advantages of a Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying System

    • Disintegrates and agitates material
    • Improves drying by increasing turbulence and retention time
    • Accepts a wide range of material size and moisture conditions
    • Heavy-duty design for nonstop 24 hour operation with minimum maintenance
    • Rotor mounts on retractable carriage and included replaceable blades

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    Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying for Gypsum Processing
    Raymond® Cage Mill Flash Drying System