Blast furnace top scales

Pig iron production

Robust, reliable, durable

Highly resistant scales
Blast furnace top scales are subject to the most extreme of ambient conditions. The weighing systems used must be designed to withstand a lot, such as the lifting forces resulting from the pressure of the blast furnace top gases (approx. 2bar).
Schenck Process blast furnace top scales are designed for just these conditions.
Nowadays we recommend that customers screw blast furnace top scales directly onto DWB weighbeams for such applications.
The benefits of this application are obvious: the scales contain no parts requiring adjustment (e.g. guides or spring elements). They are pleasantly simple to install and maintain.

Other benefits
Schenck blast top furnace scales are very robust and are characterised by high reliability and outstanding durability. A benefit that not only satisfies the very particular requirements of this type of scales, but also makes economic sense.

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