MultiDense phase pump

Fly ash conveying

The MultiDense Phase Pump is a multi dense phase system is designed for the reliable handling of a wide variety of ash from economizers, air heaters, electrostatic precipitators and waste incinerators. The MultiDense Phase Pump is a simple, effective and highly reliable method of conveying ash from single or multiple collection points to either single or multiple reception silos. The Dome Valve is incorporated into the systems and is the only moving part in the vessel. This ensures the system’s reliability and low maintenance operation.

Even with its low height, MultiDense Phase Pumps are capable of throughput rates of up to 100 t/hr and distances up to 200 meters (656 feet) and operating at temperatures up to 480°C (896°F). MultiDense Phase Pumps are specifically designed for conveying of fly ash from multi outlet precipitators or bag filters on power stations.

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Multi Dense Phase
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