LOGiQ® ContainerManager

LOGiQ® ContainerManager is a module from LOGiQ®, the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. It automates all processes from ordering through to shipment.

The LOGiQ® ContainerManager module is responsible for managing and tracking material and delivery containers. It helps to avoid materials being mixed up and calculates and manages remaining quantities.
Material and delivery container processes are generally repeated. The transport units for bulk materials e.g. plaster or mortar are constantly processed. If a container leaves the plant premises, the number of the corresponding container is recorded in the scheduled transport order along with the item number, material code and material designation and quantity.

All specific data for pre-filled and dispatched containers are available in the LOGiQ® ContainerManager module.

Real-life examples:

If the same container is returned by the customer at a later date, LOGiQ® ContainerManager selects the filling level which was last saved using the container number.
As soon as the container is completely empty, the module signals that it can be refilled. The delivery container is then placed in the container area.

If there is still some residue in the container, LOGiQ® ContainerManager selects the material which was last dispatched in the container, ensuring that the container is refilled with exactly the same material as the residue. This eliminates undesired mixing of materials.

The residue remaining in the container is also recorded to credit the customer. The module forwards this credit to the connected ERP system for settlement.

All filled and dispatched containers are registered in LOGiQ® ContainerManager. At the time of dispatch, it is possible to directly access a container which has already been filled using LOGiQ® ContainerManager. If a filled container is assigned to a customer, all of the required information is transferred at item level in the customer’s transport order. The transport order for the container is copied into the customer order with the measured loading data and recorded on the delivery slip upon dispatch.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® ContainerManager basic module for incorporating functionality

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