LOGiQ® AccessManager

LOGiQ® is our logistics software solution for the bulk materials and cargo industry which perfectly automates all processes, from ordering through to shipment. LOGiQ® controls the flows of goods to and from the production processes. It also ensures that data is exchanged between the process and commercial systems in a fully automated manner.

LOGiQ® AccessManager is the module for access control. It really does come into its own when you’re operating without plant personnel. Like an automated safety officer, the module protects the plant during and outside regular working hours. It performs a validation upon the first contact with the plant. Using the data saved in the system, it then checks whether a person or vehicle is authorised to enter. The number plate and entry time are logged and saved in the system, which can even be set to operate 24/7.

ID cards. The key to operation
The LOGiQ® module monitors whether the inserted ID card is authorised for entry into the plant. This check can be combined with entering a PIN to prevent drivers swapping cards.

Access authorisation for customers, suppliers and certain service providers

Access control for customers and suppliers who are already known is simplified. It is carried out by checking against the transactions available in the system. If the ID is confirmed as positive, the driver automatically receives authorisation to enter.

LOGiQ® AccessManager also manages access for certain suppliers who are neither delivering nor collecting goods. That way, staff from maintenance companies, for example, can enter and leave the plant premises in a controlled manner. Entry and exit are synchronised according to the entry authorisation saved in LOGiQ®. Weekdays and times are recorded and all movement is saved in the system with a time stamp. In this manner, the user always has an up-to-date list of who is in the plant, how long they have been there and the reason for entry.

Operation outside normal working hours

24-hour operation can be controlled by an access terminal installed on the plant gate.

The system basically distinguishes between visitors who bring an ID card with them and those who don’t.

If visitors have their ID card with them, they are admitted after the access authorisation check.

If visitors do not have their ID card, they must identify themselves using a PIN, which is saved in the system as is the ID card number. This number is not directly linked with a transport order, but a corresponding customer or forwarding entry. Linking allows users to then use the associated transport documents and select them for further processing. Alternatively, a transaction number (TAN) can also be used, which has been linked to just one transport process, subsequently allowing only this transport to be available for processing.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® AccessManager basic module for incorporating functionality. LOGiQ® AccessManager licence per monitored gate for access by car or on foot.

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