MechaTron® Coni-Steel

    Loss-in-weight feeder

    Highly accurate and constant volumetric and gravimetric feeding of poorly flowing bulk solids
    How does the MechaTron® Coni-Steel cope so well with even extremely poorly flowing, problematic bulk solids?
    The solution lies in its special hopper design, in conjunction with its vertical agitator. Its steep walls with an internal agitator ensure a constant mass flow. The agitator sweeps the entire inner surface of the hopper and prevents bridging inside it. This results in exact, reliable feeding of problematic products with an accuracy level better than +/- 0.5%.

    Easier, space-saving product changes
    The feed hopper (optional), with its sectioned agitator and feeding element, can easily be disassembled and assembled by just one person. Cleaning, servicing, maintenance and product change can all be accomplished from the back, the non-process side. This provides greater latitude for system planning.

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