Coal monitors

Material flow detection

Stock Equipment offers coal monitors for detecting material flow or presence in pipes and downspouts. They are particularly suited to installations where due to licensing or administrative restraints, nuclear type detectors are undesirable.

The acoustic flow monitor detects material flow. Care has been taken in designing the contact portions of the probe to ensure maximum life under highly abrasive material conditions.

The microwave level detector confirms the presence of material by having a transmitter and receiver across the material stream. It is not dependent on the motion of the material for indication. There are no components that protrude into the material stream.

The alarm signal from either type of monitor can be used to operate vibrators, air cannons, etc. A second monitor may be located immediately above the feeder, and used to trip the feeder if material flow has not been reestablished prior to loss of all material within the system. As an alternate, this secondary alarm indication can be provided with a Stock® microprocessor controlled gravimetric feeder through “countdown” circuit within the feeder controls.

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