Belt drive kit

The belt drive assembly includes the new Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) drive system that ensures the belt starts and maintains continuous operation. The belt drive kit is supplied to meet the requirements of a Stock gravimetric feeder with seamless replacement.

An AccuFlex belt or equivalent designed exclusively for the gravimetric feeder to maintain feeder accuracy will be included. The construction of the Stock belt provides industry leading flexibility and uniformity which results in feeder precision and accuracy. The patented AccuFlex splice is designed to maintain the strength comparable to the belt body eliminating the typical failure mode.

Belt flexibility is one of the most important factors for achieving feeder accuracy. A flexible belt will lay flat on the weigh system. The AccuFlex belt is an extra flexible single ply belt equal in strength to typical two ply belting. Its weight is uniform and it has a patented recessed metal splice. The largest cause for failure in most belts is the mechanical fastening system. The AccuFlex belt provides strength at the splice comparable to the belt body.

Belt drive kit includes:
  • Motor
  • Drive shaft
  • Reducer
  • Belt
  • Belt splice cable
  • Head pulley
  • Bushing assy
  • Stud coupling
  • Bearing cover
  • Bearing cover gasket
  • Coupling half
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