Mucon® Promoflow Discharge Aid

The Mucon® Promoflow discharger is one of the most effective hopper and silo dischargers available.

The Mucon® Promoflow discharge system introduces vibration directly into the product keeping it “alive” and thus reducing the strength of any bonding or locking of the particles, which may result in a flow problem.

Robust vibrators mounted externally activate vibrating screens mounted on the inside of the silo walls, at the point where flow problems occur.

Rubber isolation mounts attach the Promoflow discharge system to the silo preventing leakage through the mounting holes. The whole unit is allowed to vibrate while imparting little or no vibration to the silo itself.

Promoflow discharge systems are easily fitted retrospectively to existing silos and hoppers and can be designed to fit most shapes and sizes.

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