MoveMaster® U-belt conveyor

Working Principle
At the material inlet point the belt is open in the same way as is the case with conventional belt conveyors. A special roller configuration forms the belt to create a special U shape. Material is transported to the outlet in the U-shaped conveyor. A similar roller configuration to the one used for shaping the belt is used to open it. U belt conveyors have major advantages over tube conveyors, e.g. higher feed rates. In other words, a narrower belt and a smaller design are used for the same feed rate.

  • Easy to integrate in existing plants
  • Suited for long distances and rough terrain as well as horizontal and vertical curves
  • Conveyed material is protected against outside influences (wind, rain, snow, etc.)
  • Environment is protected against potential loss of material
  • Lower costs and smaller design compared to tube belt conveyors
  • Identical capacities as conventional belt conveyors
  • Maximum length of the conveyor is the same as with a conventional belt conveyor

A TEDO product, Schenck Process Group

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