Inboard bearing rotary valve (RV)

High-efficiency airlock

The Inboard Bearing Rotary Valve (RV) is a high efficiency airlock with minimum leakage blow-back. Its inboard bearings provide the airlock with maximum shaft support and minimize rotor deflection.

The RV features double opposed lip seals that protect the inboard bearings from product infiltration. It is designed for food applications in wash-down environments.

  • Rugged construction
  • High efficiency
  • Inboard bearings
  • Minimum leakage blow-back
  • Maximum shaft support with a minimum of rotor deflection
  • Double opposed lip seals (between the rotor ends and bearings) isolate bearings and protect from infiltration
  • Locking collar secures the bearing and shaft assembly in proper end-to-end alignment
  • Motion indicator
  • Variable speed drives
  • Seal purge
  • Endplate purge (closed end rotors only)
  • Hard chrome bore and endplates with epoxy coated throats
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Inboard Bearing Rotary Valve (RV)
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