Gardner Plow Mixers

    High energy, high-shear and high-speed mixers for powder blending applications

    Gardner Plow Mixers are high energy, high-shear and high-speed horizontal batch mixers for powders, granules, and pastes.

    These horizontal batch mixers utilize a high-shear plow agitator which imparts a high-energy mixing action into the materials, resulting in extremely short mixing time.

    In addition, the high-shear action has the ability to break lumps and agglomerates and cut-in waxy and fatty solids.

    Additional shear and impact energy is gained by fitting side intensifiers or choppers into the side of the mixing trough.

    Typical features include:

    • High Shear Plow Agitator
    • Short Aspect Ratio Mixing Trough
    • Optional Side Choppers
    • Large bomb-door discharge

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