As-fired fuel sampling

Stock offers coal sampling capabilities for pressurized or non pressurized feeders. Your options include automatic (COALLECTOR™) or manual operation that meets the ASTM LATER specifications for coal sampling.

In response to requirements for automatic as-fired sampling, Stock has developed the COALLECTOR™ Sampler. Available as an option on new feeders or as a retrofit for currently installed equipment, the sampler is designed to remove approximately a six pound sample from the entire cross section of material on the belt.

Stock Manual Collection
Stock has developed a manual sample collection system for use on pressurized feed systems. The sampler consists of an assembly using 4” diameter PVC pipe for an outer housing and an internal scoop made of 11-guage, 304 stainless steel. Camlock fittings are provided for pressure tight, quick connection of the scoop to the feeder body. A spring operated cover on the inside of the feeder body is used to provide a seal during connection and removal of the scoop assembly.

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