AccuFlex™ feeder belt

    AccuFlex™ is a patented, mechanically spliced, single ply, flexible feeder belt that provides the best possible performance to transfer the absolute weight of the material being transported to the weighing system. The AccuFlex™ design is unequaled. Its unique single ply belting and splice have the strength of a two-ply belt that can be easily installed. The molded V-guide has an automatic feature that maintains proper belt tracking. The molded, siped belt curbs minimize feeder fuel spillage.

    Advantages: AccuFlex™ Belt replacement takes less than one hour to install and does not require the feeder to be taken apart. AccuFlex™ also provides the highest possible level of accuracy and durability for belt feeders.

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    Stock® feeder OEM outage kits
    Flow sheets
    Sintering plant
    Scrap yard, steelworks, casting house, rolling mill
    Pelletizing Plant
    Coking plant
    Base metal plant with high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR)
    Data sheets
    Stock® ACCUFLEX™ Belt