Darmstadt, July 17, 2012

    Train sand box filling is a vital safety issue

    The re-filling of sand boxes or hoppers on trains and trams is an important factor to ensure the correct operation of the vehicle’s braking system and to assist with traction when there is slippy track conditions.

    In many train and tram depots the sand is refilled manually which can take a significant amount of time. One solution is the installation of a Schenck Process SandPiper mobile sand filling station that is electically operated and pneumatically pumps the sand from an on-board 500kg capacity hopper.

    The SandPiper product range is the only UK designed and manufactured sand filling pumping system which can also be installed as a fixed system with multiple fixed dispensing points from a centrally located large capacity pneumatic pump and storage silo. Recent projects for the SandPiper products include London Underground and Southern Trains depots in south London.

    The Southern Train installation has been operational for over 9 years and Gerry McFadden, the Southern Fleet Director, recently commented that “Southern Railway are very pleased with the centralised sand pumping stations that were installed as they save time in the refilling of the sand boxes and increase the efficient of our depot operation to carry out an important key process”.

    For further information please see the product details on our subsidiary company website of Clyde Process