Darmstadt, April 02, 2013

    Schenck Process Exhibit at Railtex 2013

    Schenck Process are exhibiting the unique MULTIRAIL® SandPiper machine which is for automatically filling the sand tanks on trains and trams to aid braking and traction. The MULTIRAIL® SandPiper range is the only UK designed and manufactured sand filling pumping system and includes mobile and static sand filling stations for greater flexibility of location when requiring to refill the sand boxes on trains or trams. Recent projects include London Underground and Southern Trains depots in south London.
    The re-filling of sand boxes or hoppers on trains and trams is an important factor to ensure the correct operation of the vehicle’s braking system and to assist with traction when there are slippy track conditions, to prevent over-running the correct stopping points.

    In many train and tram depots the sand is refilled manually, which can take a significant amount of time. One solution is the installation of a Schenck Process MULTIRAIL® SandPiper Mobile sand filling station that is electrically operated and pneumatically pumps the sand from an on-board 500kg capacity hopper. The SandPiper product range also includes larger scale static systems with multiple fixed dispensing points from a centrally located large capacity pneumatic pump and storage silo which enables several vehicles to be re-filled with sand at the same time.

    Schenck Process also supply precise weighing for rail and road transport in static or dynamic modes with the Schenck MULTIRAIL® system. These systems provide monitoring and diagnostic systems for rail applications and testing and documentation for production and maintenance work.