Darmstadt, March 22, 2013

    Paul Kitchen from Schenck Process to spearhead Rail Industry sales activities

    Paul Kitchen from Schenck Process is the new Sales Manager for the Rail and Tram market sectors with focus on the automatic sandbox filling systems. Paul has worked for the Schenck Process Group for over 10 years and has won several successful installations in the UK and in Europe for the pneumatic rail sanding systems and is now concentrating on this sector to expand the sales activities into new markets.

    Schenck Process UK has recently combined with Clyde Process and Redler, who are all members of the Schenck Process Group, to be able to offer a unique combination of equipment and technologies for screening, weighing, feeding, conveying and air filtration.

    The SandPiper mobile and static pneumatic train and tram sandbox filling systems are part of the MultiRail group of products available from Schenck Process for the monitoring, weighing, loading and unloading of trains. The MultiRail BogieLoad, CornerLoad and WheelLoad technologies, for example, provide information for measuring the force and geometry of wheels and rail car bodies to improve the safety and efficiency of the rail operations.

    Paul Kitchen is based in the Head Office in Doncaster to service UK and international customers with his extensive knowledge of pneumatic conveying and the rail industry.