Darmstadt, November 01, 2012

    New Pneumatic Conveying for the Cement and Gypsum Industries brochure from Schenck Process

    Schenck Process UK, which incorporates Clyde Process, have introduced a new brochure which provides full details of their pneumatic conveying and injection systems for Cement and Gypsum production plants. The brochure brings together all the relevant technologies from the Schenck Process Group that can be used in combination with the pneumatic conveying systems to provide a comprehensive solution for the minerals industries.

    A key part of the brochure presentation are schematic diagrams of the production processes for cement and gypsum manufacture which graphically illustrate how pneumatic conveying and injection can improve plant efficiency, reduce running costs and improve the environment of the factory and plant location.

    The Schenck Process pneumatic conveying systems incorporate the Original Dome Valve® from Clyde Process that is recognised as the world’s most reliable and efficient bulk materials handling valve. The simple and effective design of the valve ensures that it can cut through moving or static columns of material and is available in sizes with outlets from 50mm to 750mm and can handle material temperatures from -20°C to +480°C.

    The combined worldwide experience and expertise of Clyde Process and Schenck Process enables clients to have high system availability, greater process control and the flexibility to integrate with existing and emerging technologies. Copies of the new brochure are available as a download from
    or by calling +44 1302 321313.