Darmstadt, July 26, 2013

    RoCon® Rotational Monitoring Device Brochure from Schenck Process

    The RoCon® product is a rotational monitoring device for industrial machines which fits on a drive shaft and monitors and regulates the speed of the shaft. The product is CE approved, IP67 protected and has been manufactured by Redler and Schenck Process for over 60 years.

    The Rocon® rotational monitoring device can be fitted to a wide range of industrial equipment to detect machine failure, under-speeding or over-speeding; to ensure the correct operating sequence of a series of machines or to create an emergency shut-down of a machine.

    An updated product brochure is now available which gives details of the product which is IP67 protected and complies with T6 Temperature class for operational temperatures from -25 to +70oC. The product is supplied ready to fit and can be installed easily and is fully compatible with PLC systems.