Plastic compounding made easy

High-precision, constant, quality-enhancing

The requirements of modern standard plastics are becoming increasingly complex. In order to satisfy very high quality standards, depending on the particular application, they are enriched with a wide variety of additives such as PE, PP, PA, ABS and SAN.

Mixing takes place during a highly viscous melting phase and is only possible using specially coordinated mixing tools. The flow rates in the compounder range between several 100kg/hr up to 10t/hr.

Short-term feeding consistency for example is critical for extruders with speeds of up to 1200rpm – it must be very good while the product resides in the compounder (<=10sec).

All in all, processing plastic requires extremely flexible compounding and feeding solutions suited for even complex applications. Schenck Process provides the perfect solution.

Flexible, user-friendly, space-saving

With the ProFlex® C and MechaTron® loss-in-weight feeder ranges, Schenck Process offers perfectly coordinated system components for virtually every application. Systematically designed and flexibly adjusted, delivering highest quality.

Loss-in-weight feeders from the ProFlex® C range are mainly used to feed bulk materials with single feed screws. They are characterised by their extreme user-friendliness and space-saving geometry. The asymmetric design allows the feeders to be arranged in pairs with discharge pipes fitted close to one another. This saves space and reduces maintenance time. The feeders can be accessed from two sides for cleaning.

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