Production of pig iron

Metered and balanced perfectly

High quality achieved through precise metering

Pig iron is produced in the blast furnace sector. The raw materials used include ore, sinter, coke, lime and various aggregates.

To ensure that the production process maintains a high and stable level of quality, these materials have to be metered precisely and supplied to the blast furnace in batches.

Teamwork. Process-controlled blast furnace feeding

Teamwork, i.e. perfectly coordinated processes, is used to feed the blast furnace. It all starts with metering the material precisely. Hopper scales, known as burden hoppers, are used at the incoming material end for this purpose. Discharge vibro feeders are used to transport the part volumes of all products on a shared collating conveyor. Burden and coke scales are often fitted with test equipment for this purpose.

There are blast furnace top scales at the top end of the blast furnace. These use weight controls to set the material retaining flap and thereby control feed to the blast furnace. At the end of the blast furnace process, the pig iron is filled into a torpedo vehicle and transported to the steel plant.

Technical weighing solutions for internal balancing

Schenck Process produces perfectly coordinated technical weighing solutions for balancing pig iron internally between blast furnace and steel plant. These can be used in any build situation.

Pneumatic Conveying technology can be used for the injection of fuel and additives into blast furnaces and fluxes into the continuous casting process.

The RotoFeed can be used as a volumetric metering feeder with a variable speed drive and by incorporating weighing technology into the system a gravimetric version is created which can achieve accuracies of better than ±1% and a turndown ratio of 10:1.

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