Coke Production

Process equipment for Coke

In ore smelting, the coke as the reducing agent has an important influence on the cost-effectiveness of the process and the quality of the final product.

The quality of the coke depends on the mixture of different coal types used, the measurement of actual coal use in the coking plant and optimum classification with screening machines.

In the coal mixing plant, weighfeeders or discharge feeders remove different types of coal from the bunkers to form the mixture in accordance with a specified recipe.
Correct filling of the coke-oven batteries depends on the load cells that weigh the bunkers on the vehicle or weighing tracks in its path. These ensure a high level of accuracy and complete balancing, thus making sure that materials are used economically.

Schenck Process vibration technology is used in the classification process that follows to precisely sort the coke into the required particle sizes. The equipment must be extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. Schenck Process linear vibrating screens have been delivering a high standard of performance for decades, making optimum use of fuel for the blast furnace.