Road vehicle scales

Fully-developed technologies for all individual requirements

Special solutions put together by specialists

Over the last few years the requirements of road vehicle scales have changed the world over. Increasingly more specific production and logistics processes require increasingly more individual scale solutions. The demand for more cost-effective entry-level solutions is also on the rise.

Schenck Process rises to this challenge with solutions fully developed down to the last detail, based on the state-of-the-art technology solutions which offer a huge diversity and can be individually adapted for any special task or location. From standards to special lengths and widths, with a wide range of surface seals, road surface heating, road surface marks, concrete dyeing, installation and fitting options.

From 2008 our tried and tested DFT road vehicle scales with the familiar, zero-maintenance RTN ring torsion load cells will be joined by the new low-cost VDW load cell variant.

Its installation time of just one day is just as exemplary as the robust pre-produced scales design, available in any version. It is based on the experience acquired with the more than 2700 road vehicle scales we have sold to date in Europe.

Welcome to the specialists in individual complete solutions from one source. These solutions are detailed overleaf.