Railcar and Truck Unloading

For plastics processors

Bulk Material Handling for Plastics Industries
Schenck Process has a long history of servicing and supporting large polyolefin manufacturers, plastic compounders, and plastic users that utilize blow molding, injection molding, film manufacturing, sheet manufacturing and various extrusion technologies. Each of those processes requires the unloading and transport of raw materials. Schenck Process with its dilute phase conveying and dust collection technologies are a proven solution for unloading bulk solids materials from railcars or trucks and transporting those products into the plant efficiently while reducing harmful dust. Additionally, our pneumatic conveying systems optimize rail unloading rates and we understand what is required to reduce angel hair generation. Our state of the art test labs enable us to perform extensive full scale testing insuring the best pneumatic practices for your specific application.

Pneumatic Conveying Technologies
  • EDIP (Enhanced Dilute Phase) – A controller utilized in dilute phase conveying for reducing material degradation and equipment wear while providing an energy savings algorithm that pays for itself through reduced utility consumption.
  • E-finity Dense Phase Conveying – E-finity is a low horsepower continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying system that provides low material degradation and operating costs with a space saving design.
  • Flo-line Convey Line Treatment – Flo-line is a patented, technologically advanced internal pipe treatment process that has been proven in both laboratory testing and field use to significantly reduce the formation of fines and streamers.

Dust collection
Schenck Process manufactures dust collection systems that are uniquely designed according to plant specifications and also have the benefits of:

  • Limiting emissions
  • Being specifically designed for ease of maintenance
  • Accounting for critical moisture concerns in the environment
  • Including cleanout or inspection opening in ductwork

Bulk Bag Unloading
The SacMaster® bulk bag discharge system has a modular design that provides flexible positioning to meet many process requirements. A patented agitation system allows the SacMaster® to empty even the most difficult bulk solids from bulk bags of all types and sizes.

  • Posi-flow agitation to eliminate material bridging and promote full bag emptying
  • Two agitation and two pivoting paddles for full bag support
  • Modular design for easy system customization and compatibility
  • Dust collection units available for dusty or hazardous materials

Schenck Process offers a wide range of airlocks and diverter valves for the most challenging bulk material handling applications.

  • Diverter valves for pneumatic conveying, gravity flow, scaling and high-pressure sealing
  • Basic airlocks for simple processing and dust collection to high pressure and special applications
  • High throughput airlocks with handling capacities over 200,000 lbs. per hour
  • Airlocks and diverters available in stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and aluminum construction
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