Polyester Production with MULTICOR® S and Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Powdered raw materials, spinnable fibers and PET chips

To be precise, there are three areas here with just one thing in common: end products, each with stringent requirements for extremely high feeding accuracy and plant reliability.

Spinnable polyester fibres and PET chips for the production of disposable and returnable bottles

PTA powder and glycol are used to produce spinnable fibres. These are fed into a paste vessel and processed into polyester spinnable fibres in the downstream polycondensation.

The PET chip recipe includes g lycol and IPA powder. Both are fed into a paste vessel and processed into PET chips in the polycondensation plant. The perfectly fitted solution consists of polyester plants using Schenck Process MULTICOR® S mass-flow feeders and Loss-in-Weight feeders.

Powder feeding

Powdered raw materials require extreme feeding accuracy: less than 0.5% is required. Stringent protection requirements make the feeding more difficult, and a precisely matched polyester plant must be used.

The answer to all this is simple: the plant-specific feeding solution from just one source – Schenck Process.

Feeding with the specialists.

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