Pneumatic Injection Systems for Metal production

Pneumatic Injection

Schenck Process specialise in precision injection of pulverised coal and / or blended metal concentrates and additives to furnace lances such as in the Top Submerged Lance Furnace and additives to burners and lances in key smelting processes.

By using pneumatic conveying technology applications where an accurate steady controllable feed into a process is required, Schenck Process RotoFeed and RotoScrew injection technology can provide a well proven and reliable solution.

Utilising the proven design of the Original Dome Valve and pressure vessel technology from the Schenck Process dense phase range, the addition of either a RotoFeed or RotoScrew acting as a volumetric metering feeder with a variable speed drive creates the injection system solution of choice for many metal production plant operators.

By incorporating weighing technology into the system a gravimetric version is created which can achieve accuracies of better than ±1% and a turndown ratio of 10:1.

The Schenck Process systems are capable of injecting against back pressures such as in a chemical reactor, coal gasification process or blast furnace, or under a molten head of liquid metal such as in a copper bath smelter, or direct into a burner on a combustion process such as a cement kiln or flash furnace burner.

The Schenck Process pneumatic injection system has the following benefits:
  • Controllable Feed – Provides a steady, controlled feed of material into a process.
  • Adjustable Injection Rate – The injection rate is adjustable and can be controlled to meet the needs of the process, 5:1 turndown is standard.
  • Accurate Feed – The injection rate is accurately controlled, by the RotoFeed/ RotoScrew to ± 2 % by volume or ± 1 % by weight.
  • Injection against pressure – The material can be injected into a pressurised environment.
  • Integrated into Process Injection systems normally form an integrated part of a larger process plant.

A wide range of materials can be handled by RotoFeed and RotoScrew such as from fine fluidisable materials through to granular material upto 10 mm in size. RotoScrew can feed cohesive or irregular and large materials as well as highly abrasive materials including:

  • Metal concentrate
  • Pulverised coal
  • Granular coal
  • Coke
  • Lime/Limestone
  • Iron ore
  • Electronic scrap
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Pneumatic conveying for iron & steel and non-ferrous production plants