Milling Chemical Bulk Solids

From Raw Material to Fine Powders

For accurately conveying and metering raw materials for milling applications Schenck Process has years of experience designing products and systems to meet the challenges associated with grinding fine particles.

Schenck Process pneumatic conveying systems transport the raw materials such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium stearate to staging bins and then precisely meter feed them to an air classifier using rotary airlocks and screw conveyors. Once the materials are milled down to a predetermined particle size, usually becoming a fine powder, they are then blown into a cyclone separator where the in-spec materials fall into the pneumatic transfer system for storage and transport. The off-spec materials are captured by the baghouse dust collector and can be disposed of, sold, or recycled as desired.

Throughout the milling process you will find Schenck Process pneumatic conveying, dust collection and feeding solutions for handling the raw materials all the way through to the final product.

End User Applications for Milled Bulk Materials
  • Dry sorbent for removal of toxic emissions from coal fire power plants
  • Anti-caking agent
  • Lubricant production
  • Dry chemical agents for fire suppression systems
  • Manufacture of cleaning products