Monitoring technology for the track network
Safety all along the line has absolute priority in railway travel. At the same time, the aim is to save time and costs. MULTIRAIL® WheelScan combines both, and ensures that operators safely save costs – along the whole line.
MULTIRAIL® WheelScan offers a large number of advantages for operators:
The wheels are precisely diagnosed in transit, and wheel imperfections, wheel loads and load distributions are checked.
It identifies vehicles that could damage the track because of excessive dynamic forces or overloading. It thereby potentially reduces costly damage and dangerous accidents in advance. Direct, appropriate maintenance is possible – and before costly further damage occurs. Safety that pays off!

Automation of track inspection. Monitoring of wheel loads and load distributions. Analysis of track loads. Diagnosis of wheel imperfections. Reduction of noise emissions.

All from a single source:
For example, concrete weighing ties with high-precision, pre-calibrated weighbeams. “Full Scan” measuring principle from 10 km/h to 250 km/h with reliable train detection.

Additional advantage:
Reduced personnel costs. Continuous rail installation with no need for new foundations. Fast installation by simply exchanging ties. Long-term stability. EBA-approved, Calibration service for dynamic forces, PTB-approved sensor.


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