Small scales with an enormous number of potential uses

Only 20 cm high – for use in tight spaces
Thanks to its very low installed height, the WSN-A1 weighing track from Schenck Process can be installed wherever space is tight – for example, in existing loading facilities under a silo.

Areas of us:
Unilateral or bilateral, non-legal-for-trade weighing of trucks. Calculation of preloading and prevention of overloading in transportation vehicles during loading.
A single track is sufficient for a rough weight calculation. The second track of concrete is added on site and provides greater accuracy. Customized lengths are available.

Weighing over the whole length
The scales consist of 4m long prefabricated concrete platforms with interspersed weighing load platforms and integrated 90cm wide load cells.
Thanks to the modular system, the length can be varied as required. The weighbridges are continuous and have no dead zones.

The benefits:
There are no positioning problems, and even multi-axle vehicles can be easily weighed. This provides a wide range of applications even in very confined spaces. The weighing track is also very easy to move.

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