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Weighing in the upper sheave-block
Upper sheave-block weighing is perfectly suited to cases where an elegant solution is needed and needed quickly. This solution uses DRA radial load transducers that measure and transfer the radial loads of the crane cables, in turn making the supporting structure a technical weighing element.

Special technical features
The crane’s structural calculations do not have to be changed or limited in any way. The bolt diameters or rope sheaves used do not have to be changed. No extra height is needed for installation.

Other benefits
Can be retrofitted very quickly as the weighing system is pre-assembled in a new bearing stand on the floor which is then permanently welded to the crane trolley and mortised.
There are no critical cable connections. Extremely easy to maintain and protected against extreme temperatures.
Up to 80% of the crane cables can be recorded by the weighing system when using an upper sheave-block setup. At the end of the day, an accuracy of up to +/- 0.2% of the limit value is achieved.
Signal transfer and energy supply are simple as the system is fitted on the crane trolley. The scales can also be fitted with the DISOMAT® Tersus plus scales terminal.

» Weighing in the chassis
» Weighing in the crane trolley

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