Low installation height, low-maintenance, precise results

Weighing the crane trolley near the chassis
Which technical weighing solution is the most cost-effective and most reliable for the given circumstances? This is always the key question asked by customers wanting to plan scales for ladle transfer cranes. Especially when the amount of space available is limited as is often the case when retrofitting.

Our solution
The extremely low installation height of our crane scales solution even allows for retrofitting in the tightest of spaces. The principle our solutions use is that several weighing units are integrated at the interface between crane frame and chassis. From there they can record the transferred ladle weight in full and transfer any motion forces which arise.
The weighing units consist of several SENSiQ WB weighbeams.

Precision, reliability and ease of maintenance
We achieve very low maintenance levels by using permanently screwed down weighing units which contain no moving or wearing parts requiring adjustment. There are no critical cable connections, as you would find in cross-beam installations. Last but not least, the scales offer very good protection from radiant heat thanks to their compact and modular design.
Their accuracy is up to +/- 0.1% of the limit value of the weighing range.

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